The DevOps tool GitLab 11.1 with enhanced security controls.

The DevOps platform based on the Git software version control system, GitLabn has been upgraded to version 11.1.

The first visible change from GitLab version 11.1, the security dashboard now allows you to view the latest security status of the default branch for each project. It will enable security teams to see if there is a potential problem and take appropriate action.

The dashboard also allows you to remove false positives or generate specific problems to solve vulnerabilities. The security team can also adjust the criticality level of vulnerabilities. This dashboard is in the Project menu in the project’s lateral navigation space.

GitLab version 11.1 offers better security control options.

GitLab version 11.1 also includes Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools for Node.js, which detect code vulnerabilities when sending changes to a repository.

SAST support is already available for C, C++, Go, Java and Python. Filtering by file name, path, and extension for advanced syntax search have also extended the code search capabilities.

Upgrade to version 11.1

Runner’s performance improves with version 11.1.

For example, the correction of the pagination of POST requests called webhooks, to ensure that the display of the page is not interrupted during the editing of these webhooks. Delivered with GitLab, the Runner tool – which is used to perform CI/CD integration and continuous delivery tasks – is also upgraded to version 11.1, providing better management of Docker idle times and the ability to sign packages in RPM and DEB formats.

The table of configurable problems is now accessible via the GitLab API, which allows for custom workflows.

Transferring projects between namespaces via an API is possible. Besides, the user interface of GitLab 11.1 also benefits from several improvements. First, the developers revised the merge request widget. Second, the contribution analysis page is more readable. The addition of a merge request panel in the Web IDE allows the merge request to be displayed side by side in the code and the IDE.

A drop-down menu has been added to switch from one group to another to the group link at the top of the navigation, making it easier to access. The pages summarizing the steps have been redesigned. It is a first step in the simplification work to facilitate team monitoring. A problem can be classified as “confidential” directly from the comment field. Finally, the design of the Kubernetes page now uses tabs for each option when adding a cluster.

GitLab version 11.1 is available as a demo for on-site or public cloud deployment.

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