review of 1&1 IONOS hosting

1&1 IONOS Web Hosting Review

Here is our review of the German hosting company 1&1, now called IONOS, one of the cheapest on the market in Europe

Finding the right web hosting for your website is something that should not be done lightly.

It is essential to take the time to compare the different hosts with each other.

In particular, the highly mathematical equation of finding the perfect balance between high performance and attractive price must be solved. If you are looking for a test complet 1&1 IONOS, please read on !

So, in a few moments, after taking the time to read this article until the end, you will know whether or not it is the host that can meet all your requirements.

Presentation of 1&1 IONOS hosting

1&1 IONOS merging1&1 was founded in Germany in 1988, making it one of the oldest companies in the sector.

It is now considered one of the leading brands in its field, mainly because it is present in 10 countries such as France, of course, but also Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States for example.

Its other strength is to be particularly aggressive concerning its rates.

This is why many website managers prefer the 1&1 web host to be sure to benefit from an exceptional quality/price ratio.

As we will tell you below, 1&1 develops many solutions, and continually improves them.

There is, therefore, a good chance that you will find all your happiness with this brand, which does everything possible to meet the ever-increasing needs of each of its customers as precisely as possible.

Hosting packs offered by 1&1 IONOS

If one thing is sure, it is that 1&1 develops a truly complete and comprehensive hosting offer.

By choosing this web host, it is therefore very likely that you will find what you are looking for since you will be able to choose between the following services.

MyWebsite hosting: If your needs are limited and you want to create a lightweight website or blog of a few pages, then MyWebsite hosting may be right for you. In addition to being able to host your site, you will be able to fully customize and manage it thanks to integrated software that will save you from having to dive into complicated and time-consuming programming. In other words, 1&1 MyWebsite hosting will be perfect for beginners.
Web hosting: From Starter Pack to Unlimited Pro Pack, 1&1 offers a hosting solution that can be adjusted to your needs. You can automatically switch from one pack to another depending on the performance of your website. Whether you have an e-commerce site under Prestashop or a blog under WordPress for example, this solution can be attractive to launch you at a lower cost.

Linux hosting: More specifically, shared Linux hosting will be useful if your website has been designed under this operating system. Be careful, however. Hosting, whether running on Linux or Windows, is independent of your computer’s operating system. It will, therefore, be possible to use 1&1 Linux hosting even if your PC is running under Windows. Regarding performance and offers, they are the same as for the previous web hosting.

WordPress hosting: If you are planning to create a site in WordPress, then 1&1 WordPress hosting is the right one for you. With packages identical to traditional hosting, you can install the latest version of the CMS and a selection of the best plugins in just a few clicks. After a few minutes, you can already start working on your site without having to be an expert in web development.

All these services can be chosen regardless of the 1&1 IONOS hosting selected, and one thing is certain, they will significantly improve your efficiency.

There are more options available if you are after VPS, cloud or dedicated hosting solutions but we stuck to shared plans here ! Find all their offers here.

The pricing of 1&1 IONOS website hosting

Rates offered by 1&1 are among the most attractive in the sector.

Indeed, with a web hosting accessible from 0.99€ per month, you will be able to launch your project and test its viability at a lower cost.

Of course, if your needs change, you will be able to upgrade your offer to a more powerful hosting, or even a dedicated server, the prices can reach 120€ per month for an ultra-powerful server.

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