About Me

Hello! My name is Carl K, and this is my website. I grew up in southern Maine and moved to California a few months after graduating from high school to work in the high-tech industry. I stuck around California for over six years (in Santa Cruz and San Jose), and then moved to Portland, Oregon. I currently live with my wife Wendy and we are really enjoying all that Portland has to offer.

I use, support, and create open source software. I work at the Rackspace Cloud on the Drizzle and Gearman projects. Before this, I worked at Sun Microsystems and Concentric, during which I also took college classes and received a bachelors degree in Computer Science from Portland State University. School was mostly for personal enrichment, but it also helped fill in the gaps I missed while hacking my way into software engineering jobs. I keep pretty active with biking, running, hiking, and walking my dogs. I’m not as involved with music as I used to be, but I still play and record on my from time to time.

I’m a big supporter of the vegan lifestyle, and enjoy all the benefits it provides. You can usually find Wendy and me creating some new organic concoction in the kitchen, and at some point I hope to post some of my favorite recipes here. We keep active in the community by helping out with the Northwest Veg organization here in Portland. If you’d like to learn more about all this, take a look at the books by John Robbins, or for the more athletic types, take a look at what Organic Athlete is doing.


To join a friendly and innovative software engineering organization
where I can apply my current knowledge along with challenging myself
with new endeavors. I'm specifically looking for a position where
the projects require working within an open source community.


* Fluent in C, C++, Shell (Bourne and C), Sed, Awk, PHP, Perl, Erlang,
  Java, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. Some experience with Assembly
  (mainly x86 and SPARC), Python, and Haskell.

* Experienced with gcc, gdb, autoconf, automake, libtool, valgrind, and
  many other open source development tools.

* Knowledgeable in the theory and design of compilers.

* Extensive use of source code management systems such as Subversion,
  git, Bazaar, CVS, BitKeeper, CVS, and SCCS.

* Experienced in modular, high performance, load balanced, and high
  availability software development and deployment.

* Experienced in socket, threaded (POSIX and Solaris), IPC (including
  Solaris doors), and kernel level programming.

* Intimate knowledge of various Unix operating systems including Linux,
  Solaris, Mac OSX, and FreeBSD. Also very familiar with the Windows
  operating systems.

* Thorough understanding of HTTP, SSL, DNS, SSH, SMTP, POP3, IMAP,
  FTP, and many other network application protocols.

* Experience with configuring and managing network daemons (many
  with OpenSSL) such as Apache, BIND, Sendmail/Postfix, OpenSSH,
  various mail daemons (Qpopper, Cyrus-IMAP, ...), and others.

* Thorough understanding of TCP, UDP, ICMP, ARP, DHCP, and IP protocols.

* Detailed knowledge of host and network security issues including
  firewalls (ipf, iptables, NAT), VPNs (OpenVPN), and other tools
  (nmap, tcpdump, snoop).

* Very familiar with many aspects of MySQL, including advanced
  configuration of the various storage engines, replication,
  clustering, and the internals of the source code.

* Knowledgeable in the theory and design of databases, custom database
  design, and leveraging existing databases such as Tokyo Cabinet
  and Berkeley DB.

* Knowledgeable and supportive of open source software, current
  development practices, and community involvement.

* Have made significant contributions to open source projects such as
  Gearman, Drizzle, and memcached.

* Familiar with writing PHP, Perl, and Apache modules for optimized
  performance or integration with external APIs.

* Knowledge of open groupware standards and protocols such as iCal,
  Kolab, CalDAV, and SyncML.

* 3D graphic programming in OpenGL and DirectX.

* Graphic design and application experience with Gimp and Adobe Photoshop.

* Some experience with DSP and RF work, particularly with the GNU
  Radio project and USRP.
Personal Interests

* Staying physically active with biking, running, hockey, soccer,
  and competing in duathlons.

* Living a green-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, from commuting
  on bike or public transit to eating a vegan diet.

* Traveling the world, hiking, camping, and enjoying the companionship
  of my wife and dogs.