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CES 2019: the strange ones

The CES 2019 in Las Vegas is an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies. But among the innovations of the 4,500 exhibitors, there are also some crazy creations, with perfectly useless objects, unless you are really addicted to technology.

Flying taxi, four-legged car, roll-up TV, capsule beer machine… Did you think you saw everything from CES Las Vegas 2019? However, some manufacturers have even more unusual ideas. Where are they getting all this stuff?

The karaoke cup holder machine

It’s well known; you only sing well when you’re drunk. That must have been what Sony thought when it designed its GTK-PG10 loudspeaker to play music but also to hide some soundtracks to sing songs. When it’s your turn, you can put your beer mug in one of the folding shutters. Surprisingly, nobody mentioned that the speaker is waterproof, which means it is better not to be too drunk anyway.

The bra that measures your chest

Usually, to know your bra size, you rely on a tape measure and previous purchases. But this old method is too unreliable, according to the manufacturer Soma, who has developed a connected bra equipped with sensors that measure the bust of the woman wearing it. Somainnofit links to an application that offers a whole range of Soma clothing in the right size. A selling point more than a real garment.

Interactive toilets

You have to feel lonely to want to talk to your toilet bowl. However, Kohler thinks the opposite with its “immersive” Numi 2.0 toilets. Equipped with voice control via Alexa and speakers, they allow you to listen to music, adjust the color of the light or the temperature of the seat. This small distraction is still charged $7,000 or $9,000 for the black version.

The ring that transforms color into sound

Here is the xylophone 2.0: Specdrums is a small ring that records the color of an object when it is touched and translated into sound. By using several rings, you can have fun creating music by tweaking peaches and bananas or sorting your multicolored patterned T-shirts. Good luck playing Mozart with this technique, unless you have a full-color chart on hand. Count 60 euros per unit and 90 euros per pair.

The camera that makes your baby a spy

The emotion of a father playing with his child for the first time or the joy of a mother watching her first steps, all these moments, the French startup Babeyes allows you to record them by transforming your baby into a cameraman. Her teddy bear-shaped camera clips onto the baby’s pajamas and films everything in her field of action. As if the millions of photos posted on the social networks of the parents “baba” of their little ones were not enough.

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